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What do College Recruiters look for in a Video?

College sports recruiters rely heavily on recruiting videos to evaluate potential student-athletes. These videos can give coaches a sense of an athlete's skill level, athleticism, and overall potential. However, with so many athletes competing for limited spots on college teams, it is crucial to create a professional recruiting video that stands out and highlights your strengths. Here are some key elements that college sports recruiters look for in a professional recruiting video:

Introduction: Start with an introduction that includes your name, height, weight, position, and current high school. This helps recruiters identify you and understand your background.

Skills: Showcase your skills in your respective sport. For example, in basketball, you may include footage of dribbling, shooting, and passing. In football, you may include footage of running, catching, and throwing. Use your best highlights to show your skill level and potential.

Game Footage: Include game footage to show your ability to perform in a competitive setting. Game footage can give recruiters a sense of how you perform under pressure and how you interact with teammates.

Physical Attributes: Recruiters also look for physical attributes such as speed, agility, and strength. Include footage that shows your speed, quickness, and strength to give recruiters an idea of your physical potential.

Work Ethic: College sports recruiters look for athletes who have a strong work ethic and dedication to their sport. Include footage that shows you working hard in practice, lifting weights, or performing conditioning exercises.

Personality: Recruiters also look for athletes who have a positive attitude and strong character. Include footage that shows your sportsmanship, leadership skills, and ability to interact well with coaches and teammates.

Academic Performance: College sports recruiters also consider academic performance when evaluating potential recruits. Include information about your GPA and any academic achievements you have earned.

In summary, college sports recruiters look for a variety of elements in a professional recruiting video, including skills, game footage, physical attributes, work ethic, personality, and academic performance. A well-crafted recruiting video that showcases your strengths and potential can help you stand out in a highly competitive field and increase your chances of landing a spot on a college team.

The criteria for what recruiters look for in a professional recruiting video are based on years of experience and research by coaches, athletes, and recruiting experts.

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