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What do College Recruiters look for in a Video?
College sports recruiters rely heavily on recruiting videos to evaluate potential student-athletes. These videos can give coaches a sense of an athlete's skill level, athleticism, and overall potential. However, with so many athletes competing for limited spots on college teams, it is crucial to create a professional recruiting video that stands out and highlights your strengths. Here are some key elements that college sports recruiters look for in a professional recruiting video:Introduction: Start with an introduction that includes your name, height, weight, position, and current high school. This helps recruiters identify you and understand your background.Skills: Showcase your skills in
The world of college sports is highly competitive, with high school athletes across the country vying for a limited number of scholarships. While many young athletes dream of playing college sports and receiving an athletic scholarship, the reality is that the odds are stacked against them.According to data from the National Federation of State High School Associations, there were nearly 8 million high school athletes in the United States in the 2019-2020 school year. Of those, only a small fraction will go on to play sports at the college level. In fact, the NCAA reports that only 2% of high school athletes will receive a sports scholarship to play at the collegiate level.While the number o
My name is Clinton Alden and I bring to the table over 20 years of professional, award winning experience in the film and video production industry. Over the last 6 years I've specialized in providing Sports Videography services. I've filmed everything from pee-wee sports to middle school, and from high school to professional sports.My Sports Videography experience includes filming Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Lacrosse. I've filmed sports with every kind of camera, from a consumer level camcorder to high end professional TV cameras where just the lens can cost over $100,000.My commitment is to you, the young athlete, to leverage my award winning experience in makin